Ijo Mountain in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

When visiting Kulon Progo Regency for a vacation, tourists should take the best tourist destinations. As for the reference, there is Ijo Mountain in Kokap Sub-District. Tourists only need to visit Hargotirto Village to park their vehicle and conduct short trekking to explore the mountain! As people may expect, they can enjoy trekking, sightseeing, relaxation, and photography in that area. For the information, Ijo Mountain is the part of Menoreh Mountains and it resides in the border between Purworejo and Kulon Progo Regency. This explains why most visitors are those who live in either of the regions.

The Nuance
Like other mountains and highlands, Ijo Mountain offers a refreshing and shady nuance. It is because the landscape is dominated by tall and green trees. As for the route, it is considered bad. In fact, some parts of the pathways are quite extreme and steep! Those who come for trekking, in this case, should have good stamina and carry some supplies. It is also recommended to visit the mountain only during a hot season. The rain makes the route slippery and dangerous, after all. Once arriving at the peak of the mountain, majestic panoramas welcome right away. Some of the best views are mountains and water reservoir.

Exploring Ijo Mountain
The most common reason for visiting Ijo Mountain is the trekking opportunity. Have no worries. The trekking route is suitable for both beginners and professionals! The first thing to do is to reach Hargotirto Village. The village becomes the prime checkpoint, after all. Tourists can park the vehicle first before trekking. Also, they can get a porter or local guide service there. Moreover, they have the chance to rest for a while before starting the adventure.

The trekking adventure starts from Hargotirto Village. The pathway is considered sturdy in that area. The first exploration passes through the local plantations and farms. In this area, tourists may also see wide grassland. Thus, it is recommended to rest for a while and enjoy the atmosphere. The wind feels breezy and comfortable too! After resting, the next destination is none other than the top of Ijo Mountain. According to the locals, it may take around 1 hour to reach that spot by trekking from Hargotirto.

After arriving at Ijo Mountain, visitors can enjoy either sightseeing or photography. Numerous mountains can be seen clearly up there including Merapi, Sumbing, Sindoro, and Merbabu Mountain. As for photography, it must be done only during good weather. Also, everyone should find the right spot to take photos!

Nearby Attractions

  • Songgo Langit
  • Puncak Sewunut
  • Pethu Hill
  • Grojogan Sewu

How to Get There
First things come first. Tourists need to decide the best transportation to get to Yogyakarta City. For outsiders, in this case, the best choice would be an airplane service. Here is an example. A flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Adisucipto Airport at Yogyakarta City may take about 1 hour and 10 minutes. After arriving at the destination, tourists can either rest for a while or continue their trip. The next destination is Kulon Progo Regency and the best route to take is Yogyakarta – Wates Street. The distance is 36.7 km, so the trip would take around 54 minutes. From Kulon Progo, they only need to take Pengasih – Sermo Street and head to Ijo Mountain right away. This trip may take around 43 minutes, as the distance is 18.3 km.

Where to Stay

  • Miri Sewu Homestay
  • King’s Hotel
  • Wisma Kusuma Hotel

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